Download Ryan's new single "25th December" - a cover of the Everything But The Girl classic - featuring Dan Parr on Piano. 

"This year I made an impromptu, whirlwind visit back home to Canada at the end of November into December due to family illness, and whilst there I found myself faced with a lot of unexpected feels. Being away for so long it was easy to simply look back on my life in Canada with a level of disdain and... regret(?) But when there - driving through the snowy rural backroads and lit-up suburban streets - I realised that there's still so much of me there. In the people I've loved and who love me back. In the streets where I was chased and chastised. In the out-of-the-way corners I made my own. 

And I'm not going to lie - the refrain of this song played over, and over in my head while I was there - aware in the moment - that "I never, ever realised...." Though the lyrics might be personal to Ben and Tracey, I couldn't help but feel that there's so much in it that just resonated with me then and there. Not least how grateful I was to have taken some time to revisit, go back, and return...

When Dan and I put this together, it was important to us that we capture our version authentically, and we wanted to keep it spare - without layers of instruments and harmonies; this is how it might sound if you were to listen to us performing it around the piano, snowed-in on an evening with friends." - Ry